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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Book of Eli

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Goolphipp award: 3.5 (Worth 11 Bucks)

When I watched this movie I was not focusing on the religious aspects.

The plot was fine. The acting was great. The shooting style fit well. All in all though, I expected more. I did appreciate the little details. I liked how the water source was provided by cave lakes. The post apocalyptic world that was created was in sync and complete. I appreciate the survival aspect of this movie. I also liked an old couple that we meet towards the end of the movie. I love resourceful characters.

Phipps and I had to agree to disagree when discussing the ending of this movie. I won't give it away since it is the main point of the movie... but I would be interested in what other people had to say about Eli's revelation.

From a non-religious view, I think the ultimate message or messages, that this movie gave were well portrayed and placed. What I took from it was - What do you have left when everything is gone? What do you really need when everything is gone?

Goolsby overall: 3
Solid movie.

I thought this movie was out together well. Everything made sense from the post-apocalyptic point of view. I've heard people complain about the color palette, but it makes sense if this certain "flash" bleached and burned the world. The cinematography was highly stylized, and that bugged me through most of the movie, until the plot explained it. Although, the fighting in this movie was smartly choreographed and planned. It was quick and dirty. Let's talk plot. Yes, this movie is about the last Bible on earth, but this is not a religious movie. The Book is merely a plot device, and it works well. It doesn't beat you over the head, yet the Book of Eli won't offend Christians. It walks the middle of the road quite well. Of course, the cast was top notch with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman leading the pack. Okay, now that I've talked about all the main points, I'm going to get a little more personal. I'm going to own this movie someday. I was a little afraid of the use of the Bible in any way, because historically, films have done an amazing job at misrepresentation. This movie did not misrepresent the Bible, which I appreciated, being a Christian kid myself. I was simply amazed at this movie. It reminded me of the power of God, and I prayed and cried all the way home. This movie just made me love God more. I want to say more, but it would spoil it. All I can say is this movie is worth seeing.

Phipps overall: 4
Taught me something, it was smartly done, and I'm going to buy it.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up in the Air

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Goolphipp Award: 3.4 (Worth 11 Bucks)

We've all heard the hype around this movie in some way or another. Could be you've heard that George Clooney did a stellar job, and they would be right. Clooney has the Cary Grant sparkle and charm, which is perfect for this movie. Could be you heard about all those awards nominations for this movie, and just might want to watch it to see if it deserved all of them. While I don't think that it was the best movie this awards season, I have to say that the script (aside from the ending...or lack thereof) was pretty great. It had the humor jabs juggling the drama without being cheeseball. (I do have to say, the idea of downsizing all our material possessions in our "backpack" is absolutely a splendid idea. It kind of inspires me to clean out my house.) Let's address the ending - warning! spoiler might be on the horizon - I hate movies where nothing really changes. I suppose the kid learns something...but it doesn't seem like he decides to really make an effort to reforge relationships with his family or have more of a life. Ryan (Clooney) just seems resigned to his life in the sky. What a downer. And that lady was a jerk.

Moving onto other points, Anna Kendrick, of the Twilight Saga fame, shows she has something to bring to the table as far as acting chops. I was impressed, and I hope she continues to enhance her repertoire.

It was good to see Sam Elliott, too.

This movie was well-done in all respects - cinematography, sound mixing, acting, directing, writing - except the last 5 minutes made it a downer. I don't anticipate a lot of DVD sales on this one, folks. Nobody wants to be stabbed in the heart twice.

Phipps overall: 2.75
I can't see past the nose-dive at the end.

Phipps has already warned you of the not so great ending. I'm okay with endings that don't always end up on the bright side of things, but this movie seemed like it was headed somewhere else. The whole movie builds up this character Ryan. We see that his life is isolated and always in transit. He really has no roots. Even when he visits his family, he has been removed too long to even connect at first. I think this movie tries to show that relationships, no matter what kind, take work. Lots of it.

The backpack Phipps talks about above is a neat concept in the movie. The constant moving Ryan is a motivational speaker who sends the message, what really matters in life? When it comes down to it, his travel size carry on is really Ryan's backpack. The things that he cares about turns out to be all about his transatory life.

The point I'm trying to make is that this movie builds up Ryan's realization, but he ultimately - spoiler - does nothing with his realization. He ends up alone. Thinking back on this movie though, I guess it is realistic. Some people end up alone, in spite of even realizing they have other options. I don't think I would want to see this again, but as I write this, I've decided it was a good message. Perhaps it will inspire me to make the other decision - to live a connected life.

Oh, and one more thing. There is a speech given by Alex (Clooney's love interest), played by Vera Farmiga, that basically outlines everything she looks for in a man. The whole scene surrounding this list hits home, and hits it hard.

Goolsby overall: 4
Hmm, I won't see it again, but I can't give it less than this. I took a lot from this movie.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Lovely Bones

Picture courtesy of adiaryoflovely.blogspot.comGoolphipp Award: 4.4 (No Peanuts Chucked)

The Lovely Bones made me tear up and made my chin wobble. Let me be honest, I haven't read the book, so I don't know if Peter Jackson did it justice, but I do know that his version, however different it is from the novel, is a movie worth seeing. The blurring of heaven and earth, called the "in-between," where the spirit of Susie lived, was done well - cohesive and interesting. All the necessary parts were foreshadowed in an balantly obvious way, but the pieces couldn't be put together until we (and Susie) were ready.

Performances in this movie were just wonderful. The very Irish Saoirse Ronan brought Susie Salmon to life, and did a phenomenal job with the range of emotion expected of her. Susan Sarandon stole all of her scenes as the grandmother, who smokes and drinks throughout. Stanley Tucci. What can you say about him? He was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role, and it is well-deserved. He was the perfect serial killer. In fact, I think all the performances were great.

As a whole, this movie is intense. I walked out of the theater overwhelmed and discombobulated. It is an experience. I came to care about the Salmon family, and I wanted to see Stanley Tucci take a long walk off a short pier. I don't know if I'll ever watch this movie again, because it's so intense and emotional, but I don't think I'll ever forget it.

In fact, the only thing I have against the movie is that the climax of the movie is a kiss, which is more of a book issue anyway.

Phipps overall: 4.75
My chin actually wobbled...doesn't happen for just anything.

I wasn't as excited for this movie as Phipps. I was curious, but that's about it. That being said, I went in pretty blank. I think Mark Wahlberg plays a great father role in this movie. he brought just the right amount of emotion for his fallen daughter. On the other hand I thought Rachel Weisz was missing the "it" factor. She did a good job, but I didn't feel her performance matched her on screen husband's performance.

What I really like about this movie was the score and music selection. I thought the music added a nice cherry on the top for the movie. It was perfectly woven in and the main song really reflected the "in-between" world.

Maybe someday I'll read the book. Imagine how hard it would be to write the "in-between" world. Oi.

Goolsby overall: 4
I welled up, didn't spill over though. Commanding, but not the full hype.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leap Year

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Goolphipp Award: 2.75 (See the Cheap Matinee)

Goolphipp has been to Ireland. That is the main reason we wanted to see this movie. We wanted an Ireland fix. We got what we wanted, but I might say we were both a bit frustrated. I have two problems with this movie: geography and shoes. I had a hard time following the logic that went behind Anna, played by Amy Adams, and her crazy journey. If she hired a boat from Wales to take her to Ireland - with the goal of getting to Dublin, then why in the world was she diverted in a storm to Dingle?! How does that even happen. Maybe my lack of sea skills and knowledge is to blame, but this just doesn't make sense. This whole issue would have been rectified if they could have put in a little map overlay that showed her journey points- like Indiana Jones style. Then the shoes! Oh gosh, how in the world would a fashion forward woman only bring one pair of shoes, and high heels at that? She knows it rains in Ireland, are high heels a good choice? No! This may seem like a ridiculous complaint (more so for our male readers) but traipsing around country roads in Ireland with 3 inch heels is not even feasible or possible! We know!

Okay, so after my some what long rant, lets point out some other things. I loved the portrayal of Ireland. I thought it was true to how the people and land actually are. I loved the old men in the pub, and I loved seeing the picturesque landscapes. I thought Matthew Goode played a good Irish lad named Declan. He did a good job hiding his British accent from an American's ear perspective. I thought that Adams and Goode gave great lovesick performances. We saw Goode this weekend in Watchmen and were surprised to see him without facial hair.

On another note, this movie is predictable, but you know what I say, what movie isn't? I think for the most part, any romantic comedy is predictable, and I'm fine with that. There are other good reasons to see this movie, the Irishness.

Goolsby overall: 3
Go for Ireland.

Boy meets girl...and poof! They fall in love. That's a romantic comedy. And this one is no different. I read a review before I saw this movie that said (paraphrasing), "the animosity between Matthew Goode and Amy Adams is too believable, and makes the idea of love between them ridiculous." And I agree...the animosity between them was believeable, but I disagree with the believeability of falling in love with someone that gets under your skin. Remember grade school? Fight one day, and in love the next. I felt the bonding moments were significant enough push Declan and Anna past the animosity. As a kid who has been to Ireland, the countryside does cast a spell over you...add in a good-lookin' bloke...well, what more do you need? And honestly, I loved the scene where Declan and Anna made dinner at the B&B. Never underestimate cooking as a bonding tool. At any rate, I believed it enough.

But I stand by what Goolsby said, the shoes Amy Adams wore were impossible. Who only packs one pair of shoes? Not any girls I know. Now lets talk about the geography craziness! I swear someone thought we were really stupid when they were writing this movie. It just wasn't explained at all. You'd think that if they hit a storm, they would just fly into Shannon Airport on the West coast of Ireland - it's closer than Wales. Anyone that knows anything about where things are in Ireland and the U.K. will be thoroughly turned-around.

Okay, but my complaints aside, it was still a decent watch. It was fun to see Ireland again. It was fun to see the bits of culture these filmmakers got right. I came out of the movie with a hankering for a properly poured Guinness.

Phipps overall: 2.5
Decent...but the geography drove me to distraction.

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Goolphipp Award: 3.9 (Worth 11 Bucks)

I grew up with Ethan Hawke as Jack from White Fang and Troy from Reality Bites. You can say I'm a fan. Put him opposite Willem Dafoe (who plays Elvis) and add some vampires, you know I'm going to be there. I thought this movie was clever and had more to offer than just being another "vampire movie." Directors and writers Michael and Peter Spierig created a whole world where vampires are the norm and humans are the minority. This movie was horror first, drama second. The blood and guts were done well. I hate it when horror or action movies over use the gore factor and then use cheap blood to boot. We had realistic looking blood for the most part and awesome action moments. Plenty of "boo" moments for all. I appreciated the under story though. The drama between Hawke's character Edward and his military brother Frankie was well delivered and placed. I really liked all the details. Vampires need to drive in the daytime, so we've got modified cars with multiple driving cameras and black windows. There were subwalks (similar to a subway) for the vampires to walk around during the day. There were also coffee stations that served blood mixed with coffee.

I really liked this movie. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it gave me more than I thought. Give me a "smart" movie where the characters make smart life saving decisions and I'm good to go. This movie made us think and I always welcome that. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Daybreakers also had its faults, but they were minimal and easy to overlook.

Goolsby overall: 4.25
"We're the ones with the crossbows."

I generally like vampire movies. I wasn't as pleased with this movie as Goolsby...and I suppose it's because it is a horror movie. I'm not a fan of those. I felt it had too many boo moments. They were unnecessary, the plot was enough to keep me interested. But I liked the details of the movie, especially the tricked-out Chrysler with the sun shades.

This particular movie had different pieces from vampire movies that came before it. The golden eyes were most likely pulled from the Twilight movies. The swearing was akin to Blade, as was the blood and gore. I thought the CGI was on the same level as Underworld. While these are some of the similarities, I still think that Daybreakers had something special. With all the "cool" vampire movies out, where characters want to become the undead, this movie was a refreshing change. What if everyone became a vampire? An intriguing question.

So, I guess, at the end of the day, I would watch it again on DVD. It was done well. Heck, I even dreamed a couple nights later about staking the starving bat-like vamps in Daybreakers. For the record though, Ethan Hawke makes a better human than vampire.

Phipps overall: 3.5
For Willem Dafoe...the original ex-vampire.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

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Phipp Award: 3 (Worth 11 Bucks)

This is my first solo review. I saw Sherlock Holmes with my sister. We were really excited about it. And would you believe it, I didn't like this movie. Let me rephrase, I liked this movie as an action movie, but not as a Sherlock Holmes movie. You could have called the main characters Bert and Ernie...and the movie still would have worked, still would have been exciting, well-made, and in some respects, well-acted. It was, at the very core of it, an action movie. I've come to expect a little more brain with my Sherlock, and less reactionary headless chicken. Let me explain, I grew up with a movie called Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking. Rupert Everett is Sherlock Holmes, and is, in my opinion, one of the best portrayals. He combines the intelligence and the sarcasm, drug-user and strategist - and does it well. This is entirely my own opinion, and I'll be honest - most people disagree. In fact, a coworker looked at me and said, "Were you not entertained?" (Quoting Gladiator, of course.) I had to admit then, parts of Sherlock Holmes did entertain me. Jude Law as Watson is brilliant. If you watch this movie for no other reason than Jude Law, it's worth it. He's the best Watson I've seen. As I said before, this movie was put together well. The CG-Imaging of Old London Town was integrated well, and I thought the use of a dull color palatte was historically accurate. It sounds stupid, but I thought it was just missing something...some Sherlock X-factor. Go ahead, see it for yourselves, and then let us know what you thought of it.

Phipps overall: 3
For Jude Law.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Blind Side

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Goolphipp Award: 4.4 (No Peanuts Chucked)

I kept hearing about this movie. I knew I had to see it, and I wasn't disappointed either. The character of Michael Oher's foster mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy, a formidable woman in real life to be sure,
carried the movie. That lady was tough as nails and also kind - a mother bear to be sure. I couldn't help but admire her. She was brilliantly portrayed by Sandra Bullock. Bullock has been nominated for a Golden Globe for this role (and rightly so). There were no special effects, no earth-shattering action, but it doesn't matter. It hits you in the gut, makes you care, makes you cheer - not just for Michael but for the entire family. One of my favorite lines from this movie is "Who knew we'd have a black son before we knew a democrat?" Which says something about Tennessee. I think one of the successes of this movie is capturing the Southern culture - the big hair, the hospitality, the Bible-belt-ness, sports-centered life, family, and both sides of the tracks in Memphis. I've driven through Memphis before, and I saw some of the nice streets and I saw some of the shady streets. The Blind Side had both, and I appreciated that. It's my opinion that everyone should see this movie at some point, and maybe you'll be inspired. I hope, if the situation ever arose, I would have the courage to do what the Tuohys did.

Phipps overall: 4.5
This year's My Big Fat Greek Wedding - a sleeper hit and feel-good movie.

Okay, first and foremost – let’s give a shout out to all the offensive linemen out there. I don’t claim to be a big football fan, but my brother played offensive tackle all 4 years of high school, and I cheered him along (in between my R.L. Stine books haha) - Go Bubba. This movie is based on the real life story of Michael Oher who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens. Sandra Bullock plays the rich white Tennessee mother that takes him into her family. Bullock gave a performance that deserves all the Oscar-hype. I love a movie that mixes comedy and drama. The Blind Side did just that. Jae Head played the role of S.J. (Bullocks' son) and he stole every scene he was in. We’ll have to watch out for this little guy, he was hilarious. The best part of this movie is you knew it would end well, so it made sitting through the emotional drama worth it.

Goolsby overall: 4.25
A great family film.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Me and Orson Welles

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Goolphipp Award: 3 (Worth 11 Bucks)

If you were looking for a non-singing Zac Efron, this is not your movie. He does sing for a bit. If you are looking for High School Musical 4, this isn't it. This isn't a happy-go-lucky movie, and it isn't a slit-your-wrists-after-viewing movie either. I was disappointed with the end, merely because it was so realistic. I hated seeing a hopeful boy become slightly jaded about how the world works. It was done well. I felt that the man who unbashedly brought Orson Welles to the screen, Christian McKay - a relative unknown, did a wonderful job. As the movie itself points out, Orson Welles was brilliant in life. He was a character. I feel like there are very few who bring Orson Welles to life, so my hat is off to Mr. McKay.

All that being said, Me and Orson Welles wasn't a waste of time. I'm glad I saw it. It probably won't be in my collection, but it was a fun period piece.

Phipps overall: 3
Didn't rock my socks, but it was a good time.

So, we went because we wanted to see if Zac Efron can stretch his wings and fly. Efron can fly, but he’s still a little shaky when handling a full drama movie. I think it was a good role for him. This movie seemed like it would be just the right amount of quirky. I’m still sort of on the fence about this movie. It had some good moments, but all in all, it’s a downer – a realistic downer, but a downer none the less. Here’s the basic plot: boy wants to make it as an actor, talks his way in, succeeds, and then realizes it might not be for him. It is your classic coming of age movie. I thought Claire Danes did a great job, but she seemed a bit out of place in the movie. I love period movies, this one takes place in the late 1930’s. I did really like the performance of Zoe Kazan who played Gretta. Zoe was also in Revolutionary Road. I think she’s a real solid actress.

Goolsby overall: 3
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Goolphipp Award: 5 (Opening Night Excellence)

Audience: Teens and up

Goolsby: I think this movie is pretty much a family movie if you’ve got teen kids. The violence is pretty hardcore and I bet some animals of the Pandora world would be too intense for small children.

Phipps: If your kids are accustomed to action and violence, I think this movie might be okay for them. Keep in mind, there is some swearing and "mating" discussion. Honestly, I think the rating was due to violence. And as Goolsby said, there are some scary creatures. Tentative audience 12+.

Plot: Dances with Na'vi

Goolsby: I’ve heard quite a few people compare or describe the movie in terms of Dances with Wolves, even Pocahontas. The point is, it doesn’t matter. The plot is a classic tale, that’s why it works so well. I think the fact that the plot is a bit played out works in favor of the film. Since we all know how it will end, we can focus on more interesting parts of the movie – like the graphics, crazy technologies, and the deliveries of the actors. Classic is classic for a reason.

Phipps: This movie was Dances with Wolves in space. The only difference is Jake Sully and his woman don't have to leave the tribe at the end. But since the Dances with Wolves plot works in the "original," it also works here. I think critics and movie elitists get all wrapped around the axle about classic storylines, but Goolsby said, it works. And as of yesterday, it was reported that Avatar is second only to Titanic for top box office of all time. People can't help themselves, they settle in for the ride, and are not disappointed.

Special effects: 3D spectacular

Goolsby: Well once you forget about the funny glasses on your face it’s pretty neat. I’m glad that the 3D effects weren’t so in-your-face, pop out at you, sort of deal. The 3D aspects were subtle and seamless. It added another layer to your whole movie experience. And come on, all the fluorescent stuff, awesome. I did however make a comment after the movie that I wanted there to be one line in the movie that explained all the fluorescent things.

Phipps: Holy cricket! I was afraid that the CGI aspects would not be blended seamlessly. After Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, everything is compared to that standard. And, although I knew it was fake, the effects were fully integrated. It was wonderful, like falling down a rabbit hole into wonderland. I have no complaints. James Cameron did a wonderful job making the whole movie a cohesive experience. I might even be persuaded to see it again.

Where’s the wow: Paint me blue and make me an extra

Goolsby: The magic of this movie is the world it creates. For 2 hours and 40 minutes you get to be part of James Cameron’s Pandora. You get swept up in the action and want to be part of the Na’vi tribe. I want to ride some crazy pterodactyl-like bird. I think sometimes emotional delivery can be lost with special effects, but Cameron made sure that wasn’t the case for this movie. On spot, all the way. A bit cliché in some places, but all movies have their moments.

Phipps: Shoot. I want to ride that flying dinosaur-ish bird. I noticed a few little details that I loved. I liked that the human avatars had five fingers, and the Na'vi had four, which makes sense if they combined DNA for the avatars. The technology featured wasn't totally other either, it was a good extrapolation on what we have now. Pandora - the computer plant...full of glow-in-the-dark plants - what a smart idea! And however they rigged Sam Worthington's atrophied legs, they did an amazing job! Of course if you don't use your legs for an extended period of time they are going to be tiny! Bravo on that. That was accurate. Although I felt some moments were really messagey, it wasn't tiresome. Performances were solid. It was just a complete package of fun, which doesn't come around often. See it in theaters, people.

Phipps overall: 5
Well, shucks, can't find a single thing wrong with it.

Goolsby overall: 5
I went in expecting to be disappointed and was blown away.

Goolphipp award: 5 (Opening Night Excellence)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

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Gool Award: 1 (Wait for DVD)

This is another solo review. My friend and I ended up at the movies over Christmas break.

You know what, I honestly don't even want to share anything about this movie. It sucked. Point blank. I knew that it wasn't going to be that great, but this movie just disappointed. I hoped that I would get a few good laughs out of this movie, and I did, but the rest just sunk it. The plot was simple, a marriage in trouble, they end up in the Wyoming, learn to love again. The fictional town Ray in Wyoming was the only cool part. Who wouldn't want to live in a town called Ray? I'm a Hugh Grant fan and that might be the reason that I was suckered for this movie. Of course I wanted to see him on a horse. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Grant's wife. It was just lacking. So much in fact, my friend who went with me fell asleep.

Goolsby overall: 1
What a let down. Just watch the trailer, the bear part was the highlight of the movie.

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Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Picture courtesy of
Gool Award: 4.5 (No Peanuts Chucked)

So this is the first one person review we have posted. I went to see this movie with my family over Christmas break. I wanted to share my thoughts on it, even though Phipps has not seen it yet.

This movie rips out a part of you while you are in the theater. I'll start with the waterworks aspect - I saw this with my mother and grandmother, and all of us had to compose ourselves before leaving the theater. This is definitely a tear jerker. Gabourey Sidibe plays the main character Precious. She is an overweight teen mother who had to enroll into an alternative school for troubled and pregnant teens. Her daughter Mongo is a child with down-syndrome who got her namesake from her mongoloid features. These details just break your heart. Mo'Nique plays her mother, and boy does she play it. Both Mo'Nique and Sidibe give performances that are beyond intense. Mo'Nique's character Mary is this vicious ill spirited monster. The things that Precious has to endure is almost too painful to watch. I'm not sure how either of them were able to get into the mindset to play their roles. I have to sort of give away the ending here, so click away now if you don't want a spoiler. In spite of it all Precious is able to prevail and learns how to make it on her own, that triumph is what really gets you. You leave feeling like you can take on the world, but you still can't get some of the images in the film out of your head. A+ to the whole entire cast.

On another note, I saw Sidibe on an episode of Ellen one day. That girl is full of life! It was so weird to see her on the show happy and spilling over with laughter and personality. Great actress. I think she even surprised Ellen, haha.

Goolsby overall: 4.5
Heart wrenching good. You walk out of this movie thanking your mother.

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Goolphipp 2009 In Review

Hello everyone,

We started this blog in March of 2009, and here we are in January of 2010. Goolphipp has reviewed 37 movies total for 2009. We just want to say thank you to all of you who read our blog.

This blog is meant to be an interactive place, I'm sure some of you that have read our reviews and might object to some of the things we have said. Or maybe you have gone to see a movie, and felt differently about it than we did. Let us know. Leave us comments and let us know what you think. If you would like to see something different let us know too. Any input you got, we'll take it. Comment on the blog or email us at

Below we have tallied up some highlights of 2009.

Yours sincerely,

Best movies of the year
Goolphipp winner: Star Trek (Goolphipp award 5 - Opening Night Excellence)
Congrats to Star Trek! It was a stellar movie that delivered everything we wanted and more.

How the Goolphipp Top 10 compared to RottenTomatoes
So we were curious to see how our ratings compared to other movie review sites. We chose RottenTomatoes and here is what we found:

  1. Star Trek
    Goolphipp: 5/5
    Rotten: 95% with an 8.1/10

  2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
    Goolphipp: 4.8/5
    Rotten: 29% with 4.7/10

  3. Whip It
    Goolphipp: 4.75/5
    Rotten: 82% with 7.1/10

  4. Up
    Goolphipp: 4.75/5
    Rotten: 98% with 8.6/10

  5. Adam
    Goolphipp: 4.75/5
    Rotten: 65% with 6/10

  6. (500) Days of Summer
    Goolphipp: 4.6/5
    Rotten: 87% with 7.5/10

  7. Pirate Radio
    Goolphipp: 4.6/5
    Rotten: 60% with 5.6/10

  8. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
    Goolphipp: 4.5/5
    Rotten: 37% with 4.9/10
  9. The Hangover
    Goolphipp: 4.3/5
    Rotten: 78% with 6.7/10

  10. The Great Buck Howard
    Goolphipp: 4.25/5
    Rotten: 72% with 6.4/10

The Goolphipp full lineup

  1. 5 Star Trek

  2. 4.8 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

  3. 4.75 Whip It

  4. 4.75 Up

  5. 4.75 Adam

  6. 4.6 (500) Days of Summer

  7. 4.6 Pirate Radio

  8. 4.5 Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
  9. 4.5 The Princess and the Frog

  10. 4.3 The Hangover

  11. 4.25 The Great Buck Howard

  12. 4.25 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  13. 4 Gamer

  14. 3.9 The Proposal

  15. 3.75 earth

  16. 3.75 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

  17. 3.75 I Love You, Man

  18. 3.75 Fighting

  19. 3.75 Fantastic Mr. Fox

  20. 3.6 My Life in Ruins

  21. 3.5 The Ugly Truth

  22. 3.5 17 Again

  23. 3.25 Where the Wild Things Are

  24. 3.1 Post Grad

  25. 3 Public Enemies

  26. 3 An Education

  27. 3 Monsters vs. Aliens

  28. 2.75 Away We Go

  29. 2.5 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  30. 2.5 Fame
  31. 2.5 Armored

  32. 2.25 White Out

  33. 2.25 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

  34. 2.1 Love Happens

  35. 2 All About Steve

  36. 1.8 The Other Man

  37. 1.25 Saw VI

Top 10 grossing films of the year and their Goolphipp Awards (Domestic - US)

  1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 2.5
  2. Avatar - 5
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 4.25
  4. Up - 4.75
  5. Twilight Saga: New Moon - 4.8
  6. The Hangover - 4.3
  7. Star Trek - 5
  8. The Blind Side - 4.4
  9. Monsters vs. Aliens - 3
  10. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - We didn't see it.