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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey readers,

As you can tell, we have not been updating this blog. Goolphipp is still alive and well, and out there seeing movies, we just don't know where we want this blog to go. Stay tuned.

Thank you,


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eat Pray Love

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Goolphipp Award: 3.8 (See the Cheap Matinee)

I have not read the book. I was actually a little afraid to see this movie because I thought it would make my Gypsy-foot ache. I've got a horrible traveling bug. I had a great time at this movie. We have a friend who just got back from Italy, and it was great to imagine her there in the movie.

This movie is about one woman's search to find herself. Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, travels to 3 destinations in the course of one year. I'm not sure how long she stays in each place, but I would think it is about 4 months in each place. I am curious to know how much a trip like that would cost. We get to see bits of Italy, India, and Bali. Each leg of her trip teaches her something new. She learns how to eat, pray, and love. More importantly she learns the importance of each of those aspects in her life.

The performances were great. Javier Bardem plays Felipe, a divorcee love interest that we get to meet in Bali. The chemistry between Roberts and Bardem was really great. James Franco plays the rebound boyfriend. Franco is such a strange guy, he always brings an element of surprise.

There is this moment in the film when Liz is in the process of finalizing her divorce. Her husband, played by Billy Crudup, represents himself and they have a pretty heated argument. I really found this moment gut wrenching. So props to the actors in that scene. This movie also had great funny moments. Goolphipp was by far the loudest people in the theater laughing. There is a minor character named Luca Spaghetti, played by Giuseppe Gandini. I absolutely loved this guy, for no real apparent reason. Haha.

Goolsby overall: 3.75
A great movie, but missed that extra umph.

Lemme just start by owning a meltdown I had after I saw this movie. I blame Bali - the "love" portion of Liz's year abroad - and Javier Bardem's character, Felipe (and Bardem for portraying him). Kid is fascinating, and this grown woman is crushing on him. Anyway, as far as other notable performances, I thought Richard Jenkins, who played "Richard from Texas," delivered something special. He's had a good year of performances between this movie and Dear John. I wasn't blown away with Julia Roberts, but she did the job. In fact, I think I liked the supporting cast best - full of fun moments.

This movie invites you to "meditate" about your life. Decide what's important. I appreciated it. One of the best moments was the "alternate" birthday present idea. Liz decided that all her friends should donate the money they would have spent on her birthday to a good cause. I liked that. I couldn't help but think, what would the world be like if we all functioned like that?

Aside from those thinking moments, like Goolsby, I couldn't help but wonder how the woman funded a year abroad. From what was portrayed in the movie, it appeared that she didn't budget or worry about money the entire time. I'd like to get my hands on the financial plan and maybe copy it someday... and substitute the places. Because I know eating in Italy is expensive.

You know, it occurs to me now that all the technical stuff was top-notch. Everything was cohesive and seamless. Props to the people behind the scenes.

Overall, this movie is a solid choice for a ladies night. I'm actually not sure what guys would think of it. The whole movie might be a little too sappy for them. Let us know, guys, if you agree/disagree. I think this movie deserves a watch. You'll be entertained.

Phipps overall: 4
Solid, Darling.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Last Airbender

Picture courtesy of moviedatalist.comGoolphipp Award: 2.6 (Wait for DVD)

Once again, we know nothing about the roots of this movie. This movie is based off the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. For someone who knew nothing of the cartoon, I was pleased with this movie, but not impressed. I thought the CG was lacking in most cases. The actual "bending" of the elements was done well, but everything else got forgotten. The acting, sub-par. I was excited to see Dev Patel because I have been a fan of his since his start on the BBC series Skins. Patel got to play the jaded Prince Zuko, and I thought it was a good practice role for him. He got to try out something new. I wanted more out of the actors, but accepted everyone about half way through the film. I loved the magical world created. My favorite things in the movie were the animals. The above pictured Appa, a Sky Bison, is one of the coolest creatures I've seen. It is up there with Falkor from The Never Ending Story and Ludo from The Labyrinth. I also loved this flying lemur thing.

Goolsby overall: 2.5
A movie with potential, but didn't quite make it. I didn't think it was horrible, just not fantastic.

I hate when people make a movie with the intention of making at least 2 more, but then the movie doesn't do well in the box office, and you never get to see the rest (ie, Eragon and Airbender). The reviews from the normal people were really mixed on this one, so Goolsby and I put off seeing it. People who were fans of the original show either hated it or walked out. People that knew nothing thought it was decent. I fall into the latter category. The plot line was interesting. Mostly due to the fact that the movie takes us into a different world, which is always fun. Goolsby is right, though, the CGI is sub par outside of the element bending. I could read into the spiritual symbolism throughout the movie, but I don't necessarily want to get my back up about it. Overall, I thought it was an interesting movie...which...given my love of fantasy, I can foresee myself pulling this movie out of a $5 dollar bin and buying it in the future. I would say this is a good Netflix or redbox rental: action-packed, clean on the language end, your kids will love it, and you won't be bored.

Phipps overall: 2.75
A few hours of entertainment via Netflix or redbox.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Goolphipp Award: 4.1 (Worth 11 Bucks)

I know nothing of the comic books. What I do know is that this movie rocks. I loved it all. I had heard that this movie would embody and fully embrace the comic book roots, but I was blown away at the awesomeness of this film. It truly is a comic book brought to life (or so it felt that way to me). I'm so curious to know if someone who has read the comic books liked the film...

So Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera, must defeat 7 deadly exes in order to be with the changing-hair-colors-Ramona. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Ramona, and I thought she did a decent job acting mysterious and independent. I would really like to see Michael Cera in a different role, that boy needs to stretch his wings and try something out of the glamorized-geek role.

There is a character called Knives. I loved her. Ellen Wong, I commend you on your stellar performance as the obsessive crazed teenager in love. Your mad fighting skills, very impressive. Haha. Anyway... so the show stopper? Mister Kieran Culkin plays Scott's gay roommate. I fell in love with this man. I've seen Kieran in other things, and he has a presence that always swirls around and becomes this huge driving force.

The best part about this movie was the details. For instance, when the exes are defeated they burst into coins - yes, just like in a video game. Towards the end of the movie, the burst of coins actually make outlines of people on the ground like a crime scene. I am also very happy that this movie was not 3-D. I can see how it might be an obvious fit, but it would have just been too much.

Goolsby overall: 4.25
Geek to the max. Oh, make sure to watch for the Vegan Police.

This movie was great. I loved almost every single moment...but I hate - and I do mean hate - Michael Cera. I'm sick of him in this lameski dork sort of role. I would have liked to see someone else. And that basically concludes my rant, as well as the listing of things wrong with this movie. What I loved about this movie was the playfulness. It embraced the video game framework and graphic novel roots. In an age where nobody wants comic-booky style in a film - because it so often goes really bad - this movie pulls it off with flying colors. I liked the rest of the cast. Kieran Culkin stole every scene he was in. The seven exes are all equally well-cast and interesting. Scott's two exes are also well-cast. The character of Knives is essential to the plot, and is expertly acted by Ellen Wong. The whole crazy teenage deal is hard to nail. Everyone was on the top of their game (with the exception of Cera, of course). While I also know nothing about the original storyline, but I found the movie plotline to be interesting and fun. I have nothing to complain about. This movie was great about the details to create the entire package of fun. For example, in one scene when Scott fights off minions of an evil ex, after he kills them, they become body-shaped piles of coins (again, the cohesive gaming theme). I expected this movie to be put in the 15+ category, but it was unexpectedly clean. I think they blipped out most curse words (which was cool). This could almost be a family movie. It's a little dark for the kiddos. I'd advise that parents should watch this movie first if your kids are 13 and under. For most mainstream movie watchers - this is a fun movie, and would make a great date movie. Video game themes, true love, fights to the death, second chances, spunky characters: all the makings of a good movie.

Phipps overall: 4
One whole point off for casting Michael Cera. (And no, I won't get over it.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramona and Beezus

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Goolphipp Award: 4.25 (Worth 11 Bucks)

I loved the books growing up, but aside from remembering characters...I couldn't remember a single plotline to save my life. I was so excited to see this movie, though. Ramona is a tough one to do justice! However, this movie captured the spirit of the books. Like I said, I can't say if the plot deviated from the books, but the movie's plot was satisfying. I loved that they pulled in the illustrations from the books. I think they were faithful to the books in the little things too, i.e., making sure Picky Picky (or Icky Sticky as Mr. Quimby would say) was a member of the family. As far as casting, I'm not a particular fan of Selena Gomez, but I think she did a great job bringing Beezus to life. John Corbett was a little hurdle in the beginning, and I think it just getting used to the particular style of the screenplay, because by the end of the movie, I wasn't bothered at all. Miss Joey King, the little gal that plays Ramona, did an amazing job. I can't think of anyone better for the title role. She showed a range of emotion and depth of performance that was unusual for her age. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Duhamel (teaming up for the second time) had fun chemistry - I personally loved their characters' storyline. I loved the cast so much, it's hard to stop talking about them! As a whole, I had so much fun at this movie. As an adult, I wasn't bored...this movie will engage practically any age group (I'm not sure about men, though!). It's a good bet for family movie night...spunky, funny, and endearing.

Phipps overall: 4.5
The more I think about it, the more I like it.

I sort of remember reading these books. When the movie paid homage to the books with the doodles of Ramona, my memory was jogged. I wasn't as excited as Phipps going into this, but I did enjoy myself. It was a good film. I loved seeing John Corbett as the father. I think he did a great job. Kudos to him for picking age appropriate roles. I also think this movie touches on a very real subject - families with parents who have been laid off. I think the family dynamics in this movie were terrific. It stands to remind the grown ups who go see it that everything they do affects the little ones in the house. Can I also say that I was completely jealous of their house. It's in Portland... the current metropolitan area that owns my heart. That yellow house and picket fence... sigh. I loved how this movie depicted the "terrifical" world of Ramona. The CG stuff was just so, it was perfect.

Goolsby overall: 4
A good film for the whole family.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

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Goolphipp Award: 3.4 (See the Cheap Matinee)

At my request, this was my birthday movie. Goolphipp and a group of friends all went together, and I was by far that most excited and entertained person in the theater. I was really excited to see Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Zach Galifianakis all on the same screen. Turns out, when all was said and done, my friends were not too stoked about the movie afterwards. This movie is quirk, to the max. I am quirk, to the max. Match made in heaven? Pretty much.

This movie is all about the dinner, but it takes a while to get there of course. I was prepared for this, and although it felt slow on getting to the dinner, I was okay with the necessary plot building that had to take place.

Carell plays Barry, a Mouseterpiece maker, he is a schmuck, and I will not deny that I did feel sad for him. Goodness, the character is such a pathetic case it almost hurts. Rudd plays Tim, the up and coming business man who befriends Barry. By the end of the movie you get to see who the real schmucks are.

Some scenes to watch for - Barry's fighting technique is to "play-dead" and of course it works every time! I was by far the loudest person laughing in the theater. All the scenes with Jermaine Clement (from Flight of the Concords), who plays Kieran the animalistic-artist, are hilarious. When Kieran and Barry share a bench and talk about life, all the while with Kieran sporting ram horns, it is pure classic genius. I loved it.
This movie had heart, and I knew that it would. In life, you've got all types of creatures, good, bad, mean, strange, and sometimes fantastic. This movie shows all walks of life. And yes, I most likely will eventually own this movie. This movie may not stick with you like some Thanksgiving feast meal, but you can't deny that food is food. The laughs flow free during this movie, and that can't be overlooked.

Just so you know, this film is based on a french film by Francis Verber called Le diner de cons (The Dinner Game). I have not seen this film, but according to others, the actual dinner is never shown in the film.

Goolsby overall: 4
That is a real live vulture featured in the dinner scenes. Real. As in, could have eaten out someone's eyes. Talk about filming dangers.

I am not as enthusiastic about this film like Goolsby. I was curious to see Carell, Rudd, and Galifianakis on screen. And it was pretty funny. However, the character Kieran (played by Jermain Clement) stole the show. The play on eccentric, sex god artist was amazing. When I think of all the memorable moments in this movie, he is in at least 80% of them: dressed up like a fawn, wearing horns, or being completely arrogant. There were a bunch of solid jokes along the way - the play dead, mouseterpieces, Kieran - but the way to dinner just dragged out. I lost patience with it a couple of times. When we finally got to the dinner, I laughed for the last fifteen minutes. As a whole, I think this is a Netflix movie. Something to watch on a lazy Friday night. It was just okay on all the levels - except perhaps the mouse taxidermy, which was oddly cool. For the record, they did not use the word "schmuck" once. What the heck. That's the bloody title, and you didn't use it once. "Idiot" just doesn't have the same punch as "schmuck."

Phipps overall: 2.75
Meh...a few funny moments.

Despicable Me

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Goolphipp Award: 2.8 (Wait for DVD)

I was really excited for this movie, and granted, I did laugh excessively, looking back I want more. Mister Steve Carell has been very busy lately. I don't think parts of this movie were rushed, but it just didn't have that umph that I was looking for. Plot - bad turns out to be good. Nothing really shocked me. I got what I was expecting, but nothing above and beyond. One thing to note is that Jason Segel (well known for his role as Marshall on How I Met Your Mother) is an amazing voice for animation! I can't wait to see him give his voice in another animated film. I liked the yellow-blob minions, I wonder what's the difference between the ones with two eyes and the ones with one eye. We did not see this in 3-D, and it didn't really look like this movie would even warrant a 3-D option. Seems like they make anything 3-D anymore... On a random note, I loved Vector's lair with the shark swimming underneath the floor.

Goolsby overall: 3
Nuff said.

Despicable Me ain't a Pixar film. And it shows. There's the usual lack of pizazz present. However, it was entertaining at times. I don't need to see it again, but I did like the little minions and the theme of adoption. I loved the rocket beds on the machine-operated bunk beds. There was also attention to detail that was quite impressive. Each minion had his own name and was in some way different from the rest - different hair, one eye, etc. Steve Carell actually does a decent job as an animated voice, as does the rest of the cast - even Russell Brand. The X factor was missing. I don't know what that is...but Pixar sure does. There was a lot of physical comedy, so kids will laugh at that, but some of the dry humor was probably a little over their heads. It was a standard animated movie, but nothing to write home about.

Phipps overall: 2.75
Fun, but I'd just Netflix it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Goolphipp Award: 5 (Opening Night Excellence)

You must, must, after reading this, go get in your car and see this film. This movie was a trip and a half. Everything about it was amazing and top-notch. This movie makes you think, and I so very badly want to discuss the plot with more people! Don't worry, Goolphipp won't be spilling any beans, read on without worry. Here's the concept - dreams hold people's secrets, memories, and ideas. When people enter your dreams they can steal information, plant ideas, and experience your whole world.

Let's talk acting. All performances were great. DiCaprio delivered and there is a scene at the end between him and Marion Cotillard that sort of took my breath away. The kid sure does know how to use his eyes. I was also really pleased and excited for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is making such wise decisions with his career, and on top of it, hes getting to work with so many stellar actors. The action was... impeccable. Since this is a dream world you can bet there were some complicated special effects going on. I loved how the dream worlds were created. There is a anti-gravity sequence you might have seen in trailers, it is one of the coolest things I've seen on screen in a long time. This movie keeps details in mind, and even hold true when you see someone bleeding in anti-gravity.

Now the plot leaves me a bit confused, but I'm okay with that. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hard to follow as I thought it would be. Phipps and I were looking for some bigger switch at end, but once you get the concept, it's easy to swallow. The concept of this movie is so refreshing. We saw a late showing, and when I went to bed that night, I guess my brain hadn't had enough time to digest. I had an Inception-inspired dream! Talk about a movie that makes an impact. Point blank, awesome concept, great acting, superb special effects, add a dash of well-placed humor, and ta-da, success!

Goolsby overall: 5
You've got your keys in your hand right? Go now.

Inception is easily one of the best movies this year. I haven't met a person that didn't like it. I think part of the draw is our fascination with dreams as a culture. We love the idea of dreams. Inception plays with this fascination. The action scenes were just stellar. There was a fight sequence in zero gravity - and it was done well. All the camera work and use of technology came together seamlessly. You think that this movie is going to be a little sci-fi from the tralier, but in reality, it feels really normal. This dream hacking thing is just part of the plot. The most important part of the movie is the character, Cobb, which I suspect is why DiCaprio signed on for it (not to mention working with Christopher Nolan). Everything revolves around him. It's quite an accomplishment to create a movie that is so character driven, while giving the illusion of being an action movie. Props to Nolan for that. DiCaprio delivered an amazing performance. I'm not a huge Leo fan, but he was impressive in this movie. The rest of the supporting cast was great too. It was nice to see a couple familiar faces from Gotham - Michael Cane and Cillian Murphy. Ellen Page was an interesting choice. I think it was a good transition/spread-your-wings type of movie for her, and while she wasn't involved in any of the down-and-dirty action sequences, it makes a nice resume line. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I just like that kid. He's grown into a versatile actor - a result of carefully crafting his career. He's talented, and I can't wait to see what the next two years bring for him. All in all, it's a gooder.
Let me just say though...I figured this movie out...and I was about ten steps ahead of where it ended. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Phipps overall: 5
Fights in zero gravity.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Phipp Award: 4.25 (Worth 11 Bucks)

I saw this movie opening night with my mom. There were about 5 other people in the theater. It hasn't done an amazing job in the box office. However, I do want this to be a sleeper hit, because I want a sequel. It is such a fun family movie. The special effects were on par. The overall concept of this movie is interesting, and it was executed well. I didn't even mind Nicholas Cage. This is a good transition for him into the older-guy/dad sort of roles. I love Jay Baruchel, and he does well in the underdog role. The hands-down best moment of the movie was the nod(s) to Fantasia. I love when movies embrace their origins! I'll probably end up owning this movie, because it was a stellar time. I'm sure there were dozens of geek moments that I didn't catch the first time. And yes, there is a hilarious Star Wars line. A word to the wise, stay to the very end, there's an easter egg. So, take your fam to the movies and enjoy the ride.

Phipps overall: 4.25
History and magic - how can you go wrong?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grown Ups

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Gool Award: 3.75 (See the Cheap Matinee)

I saw this one with a friend, not the Phipps. Me and my friend are both comedy lovers, and this movie pleased. We were laughing pretty much non-stop. Of course I had high expectations for this movie. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider. Throw in a random Steve Buscemi too. The humor was great, but now as try to recall this movie days later, it doesn't seem to have stuck with me. The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is the recurrent breast milk scenes. It was a little over the top. It was very different for me to see Maria Bello (who plays Kevin James wife, the breast milk producer) in this intense comedic role. I got to know her from The Jane Austen Book Club, which is a far more dramatic role. All in all this was a good film. Not a keeper for me, but a good time. And so not appropriate for young audiences. I would say high school and up at a minimum.

Goolsby overall: 3.75
All star cast, but didn't stick