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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Goolphipp Award: 4.1 (Worth 11 Bucks)

I know nothing of the comic books. What I do know is that this movie rocks. I loved it all. I had heard that this movie would embody and fully embrace the comic book roots, but I was blown away at the awesomeness of this film. It truly is a comic book brought to life (or so it felt that way to me). I'm so curious to know if someone who has read the comic books liked the film...

So Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera, must defeat 7 deadly exes in order to be with the changing-hair-colors-Ramona. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Ramona, and I thought she did a decent job acting mysterious and independent. I would really like to see Michael Cera in a different role, that boy needs to stretch his wings and try something out of the glamorized-geek role.

There is a character called Knives. I loved her. Ellen Wong, I commend you on your stellar performance as the obsessive crazed teenager in love. Your mad fighting skills, very impressive. Haha. Anyway... so the show stopper? Mister Kieran Culkin plays Scott's gay roommate. I fell in love with this man. I've seen Kieran in other things, and he has a presence that always swirls around and becomes this huge driving force.

The best part about this movie was the details. For instance, when the exes are defeated they burst into coins - yes, just like in a video game. Towards the end of the movie, the burst of coins actually make outlines of people on the ground like a crime scene. I am also very happy that this movie was not 3-D. I can see how it might be an obvious fit, but it would have just been too much.

Goolsby overall: 4.25
Geek to the max. Oh, make sure to watch for the Vegan Police.

This movie was great. I loved almost every single moment...but I hate - and I do mean hate - Michael Cera. I'm sick of him in this lameski dork sort of role. I would have liked to see someone else. And that basically concludes my rant, as well as the listing of things wrong with this movie. What I loved about this movie was the playfulness. It embraced the video game framework and graphic novel roots. In an age where nobody wants comic-booky style in a film - because it so often goes really bad - this movie pulls it off with flying colors. I liked the rest of the cast. Kieran Culkin stole every scene he was in. The seven exes are all equally well-cast and interesting. Scott's two exes are also well-cast. The character of Knives is essential to the plot, and is expertly acted by Ellen Wong. The whole crazy teenage deal is hard to nail. Everyone was on the top of their game (with the exception of Cera, of course). While I also know nothing about the original storyline, but I found the movie plotline to be interesting and fun. I have nothing to complain about. This movie was great about the details to create the entire package of fun. For example, in one scene when Scott fights off minions of an evil ex, after he kills them, they become body-shaped piles of coins (again, the cohesive gaming theme). I expected this movie to be put in the 15+ category, but it was unexpectedly clean. I think they blipped out most curse words (which was cool). This could almost be a family movie. It's a little dark for the kiddos. I'd advise that parents should watch this movie first if your kids are 13 and under. For most mainstream movie watchers - this is a fun movie, and would make a great date movie. Video game themes, true love, fights to the death, second chances, spunky characters: all the makings of a good movie.

Phipps overall: 4
One whole point off for casting Michael Cera. (And no, I won't get over it.)

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